Super Mario World Japan: A Culinary Adventure You Can’t Miss!

**Super Mario World: Tantalizing Japanese Food Delights Await!**

Prepare to embark on a culinary adventure inspired by the iconic world of Super Mario! Universal Studios Japan unveils an irresistible menu that pays homage to the beloved characters and whimsical landscapes of this gaming masterpiece. Get ready to savor every bite as we explore the delectable offerings that will transport you to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Feast on Mario-Themed Delicacies:

  • Indulge in the “Super Mario Burger,” a savory patty topped with Mario’s signature red cap bun
  • Delight in the “Luigi’s Green Mushroom Pizza,” featuring a vibrant green crust and an assortment of toppings
  • Quench your thirst with the refreshing “Princess Peach’s Sparkling Drink,” adorned with a peach-shaped garnish

Explore the Mushroom Kingdom’s Culinary Wonders:

  • Stroll through the “Toad House Popcorn Stand” for a crunchy treat
  • Visit the “Goomba’s Soup Hut” for a heartwarming bowl of savory broth
  • Treat yourself to a sweet treat at the “Chain Chomp Donut Shop,” where delicious donuts await


Q: Is the Super Mario World food menu exclusive to Universal Studios Japan?

A: Yes, this menu is only available at the Universal Studios Japan theme park.

Q: Can I make reservations for Mario-themed food?

A: Reservations are not required, but they are recommended during peak season.


Whether you’re a lifelong Super Mario fan or simply seeking a unique culinary experience, the Super Mario World Japan food menu is a must-try. Embrace the playful spirit of the Mushroom Kingdom as you savor every bite of these delectable creations. So, get ready to embark on a taste-bud-tingling adventure where every dish is a tribute to the iconic world of Super Mario!

super mario world japan food menu

super mario world japan food menu

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