Indulge In Japan’s Strawberry Paradise: A Sweet Guide To The Juiciest Season

**When is Strawberry Season in Japan: A Fruity Guide to the Sweetest Time of the Year**

If you’re a fan of juicy, flavorful strawberries, then you’ll want to mark your calendars for Japan’s strawberry season. This sweet and delicious time of the year offers an abundance of these delectable fruits, making it the perfect opportunity to indulge in some strawberry-licious treats. But when exactly is strawberry season in Japan? Let’s dive in!

When the Sweetness Begins

Strawberry season in Japan typically runs from February to May, with the peak season falling in April. During this time, strawberry farms across the country welcome visitors to pick their own berries, offering a fun and interactive experience. You’ll find a wide variety of strawberry cultivars to choose from, each with its unique flavor and size.

Savory Strawberry Delights

Japanese strawberries are renowned for their exceptional sweetness and juiciness. They’re often enjoyed fresh, either on their own or paired with whipped cream or condensed milk. But the culinary adventures don’t end there. You’ll also find a range of strawberry-infused treats, including:

  • Strawberry daifuku: Mochi filled with sweet red bean paste and a whole strawberry
  • Strawberry shortcake: Sponge cake layered with whipped cream and fresh strawberries
  • Strawberry milk: A refreshing beverage made with fresh strawberries and milk

FAQs about Strawberry Season

Q: When is the best time to visit Japan for strawberry season?
A: April offers the peak strawberry experience.

Q: Where can I find strawberry farms for picking?
A: Check local tourist information centers or online resources for a list of farms open to the public.

Q: Can I bring my own containers for picking?
A: Many farms provide containers, but it’s always good to inquire beforehand.


Strawberry season in Japan is a delightful time to savor the sweet and juicy goodness of these beloved berries. Whether you’re indulging in fresh strawberries or trying out delicious strawberry treats, this fruity extravaganza is sure to leave you with a sweet taste of Japan. So, mark your calendars and get ready to experience the magic of strawberry season in the Land of the Rising Sun!

when is strawberry season in japan

when is strawberry season in japan

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