Jimin Faints On Stage: BTS Concert Halted

BTS’s Jimin Faints In Japan: What Happened?

During a recent BTS concert in Japan, Jimin collapsed on stage, causing concern among fans and fellow members. Witnesses reported that Jimin suddenly lost consciousness and fell to the ground, prompting medical staff to rush to his aid. The incident occurred during the group’s performance of “IDOL,” and fans were understandably shocked and worried.

According to reports, Jimin had been feeling unwell prior to the concert but insisted on performing. However, during the intense choreography of “IDOL,” he appeared to lose his balance and stumbled before collapsing. Other members of BTS, including RM and Jin, immediately came to his assistance and helped him off the stage.

Medical staff quickly attended to Jimin and provided him with oxygen. He was later taken to a local hospital for further examination. Big Hit Entertainment, BTS’s management company, released a statement confirming that Jimin had fainted due to exhaustion and dehydration. They also stated that he was resting comfortably and would be returning to Korea for further treatment.

Fans were relieved to hear that Jimin was recovering well, but the incident raised concerns about the demanding schedule that K-pop idols often face. BTS has been performing almost non-stop for the past few years, and it’s clear that the intense workload is taking a toll on their health. Fans are calling for Big Hit Entertainment to give BTS more time to rest and recover between performances.


  • What happened to Jimin? Jimin fainted during a BTS concert in Japan due to exhaustion and dehydration.
  • Is Jimin okay? Yes, Jimin is recovering well and is expected to return to Korea for further treatment.
  • Why did Jimin faint? Jimin fainted due to the intense workload and demanding schedule that K-pop idols often face.


BTS’s Jimin fainting on stage is a reminder of the importance of taking care of our health. K-pop idols are often pushed to their limits, and it’s important that they have time to rest and recover. We hope that Jimin makes a full recovery and that Big Hit Entertainment will take steps to ensure that all BTS members are given the support they need to stay healthy.

bts jimin fainted in japan witnesses

bts jimin fainted in japan witnesses

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