If You Could Just Go On One Date in Tokyo, It Has To Be To This Stunning Interactive Digital Artwork Museum

Tokyo has led the world in many areas of innovation. You can step into this city for the first time and just feel the vibrations of the incredible amount of electricity it takes to run this place. Technology is rampant almost everywhere you look: advertising displays take up expansive real estate when you look up and eyes are almost always glued to phone screens when you look ahead. Screens will always be dimly lighting up people’s face at night, and blaringly loud music from campaigns in the city will slowly dull to an almost incoherent thrum in your ears once you become use to it – it only takes a bit of time in the city before this happens.

teamLab Borderless Tokyo

Technology and art intersecting in the wildest, stunning, mind-blowing way possible!©Lyn Vo /JapanFor2

The creative scene, including the thriving street and underground scene, have been benefiting greatly from the integration of digital methods to not only elevate the creative process but also attain greater reach to their intended audience. Indeed, before, methods of trying to communicate an event out to the public was relatively difficult: flyer distribution, local magazine and newspaper advertising, word of mouth – these were the usual methods employed by those responsible in developing the hype for artists and entertainers.

These days, one click of a button on Facebook and within minutes, you could have thousands of eyes lapping up the information on the where, what, and how of an event – it’s that simple, and hundreds of creatives have jumped on the bandwagon of technology to further progress the scene.

The benefits of technology on the reach that has been achieved by those in the industry has been astounding, but its the way in which technology is incorporated in the artworks themselves that’s truly admirable.

teamLab Borderless Tokyo

You can see it, and you can also feel it©Lyn Vo /JapanFor2

The Mori Building Digital Art Museum Epson teamLab Borderless (we’ll be summarising it as teamlab Borlerless from now on) is the brainchild of teamLab, a collective group of artists who are living in the new cutting-edge world of digital art exhibitions, and the Mori Building Group. teamLab Borderless encompasses a group of digital artworks that, together, form a ‘borderless’, interactive experience that takes the person on a journey through the entire building via shifting art forms and continuously moving digital projections. These pieces ‘talk’ to each other, they feel the presence of each other, and they’ll acknowledge you, too, if you give them any indication that you’re there.

Feel the wall of falling flowers, and they’ll shift away from your hand. Laser beams will follow your body’s every movement. Step on the butterflies and you’ll diminish them into nothing, just as you would if you were to step on a butterfly in real life.

teamLab Borderless Tokyo

Here, you can feel the lasers run up and down your body…it’ll give you goose bumps! But there are mirrors on the floors so remember to either wear pants, or you can borrow a wrap-skirt from outside.©Lyn Vo /JapanFor2

This is truly an amazing immersive experience that can only be made better if you were to experience it with your loved on. The amazement you feel at the stunning artworks that you can’t even begin to imagine up will be mirrored by your loved one’s incredulity at just how breathtaking some of these glittering light displays are.

teamLab Borderless Tokyo

Technology capturing technology©Lyn Vo /JapanFor2

There is the Crystal World, a dazzling room full of mirrors on every side (even the floor, to be carful not to wear a skirt or dress!), and thousands of sparkling LED lights hanging like raindrops from the ceiling. The melodic sounds of the music matching the pattern of the lights will ensure you stay fixated the display, and you will almost certainly spend more time than you anticipate in this room.

teamLab Borderless Tokyo

This room is one of our favourites…absolutely mesmerizing©Lyn Vo /JapanFor2

There’s also the Forest of the Resonating Lamps. This one has been crushing it in the Instagram game, with hundreds of lamps hanging from the ceiling, made to look even more impressive with the mirror ceiling, floors, and walls. They alternate colours, with warm schemes and cool schemes ensuring you get every pic you need possible. There’s always a line, however, it moves pretty quick, as groups only get maybe 90-or-so seconds to snap as many pictures as they can before being efficiently ushered out by the employees so that the next group can have a go. This may take away from the experience a bit, but if not for this briskness, you could actually spend hours in here. (This one’s our personal favorite).

Instagrammers – make the most of this one! With a limited time-frame but unlimited ways to capture this beauty, you’ve got your work cut out for yourselves

Instagrammers – make the most of this one! With a limited time-frame but unlimited ways to capture this beauty, you’ve got your work cut out for yourselves©Lyn Vo /JapanFor2

We won’t bore you with all the details of this exhibition (this article will most likely take hours to read, because this exhibition has taken what would traditionally be seen as an interesting, unique, and exciting exhibition, and totally blown it out of the water), however, we’d like to give the Flower Forest a special mention. This is one that most people will experience first as it is near the entrance, and boy, it packs a punch. A darkened room with glittering florals in all colours of the rainbow floating from one wall to another, continuously moving and shifting so that your eyes will follow and follow and follow and never get tired of the stunning image in front of you. Touch the walls and they’ll disappear or move to the side to make room for your fingers. Look out for the occasional ‘wind’ that blows a whirl of flowers onto the walls and try and take a snap! Butterflies will flit in and out of the imagery, further enhancing the spectacle to new heights.

teamLab Borderless Tokyo

The flower room leaves nothing to the imagination as blooms float all around you – on the surrounding walls, on the ceilings, and on the floors©Lyn Vo /JapanFor2

This incredible display has made huge waves throughout Japan, and now, the world is catching on. What started as a temporary exhibition has now been made permanent in Odaiba, and there seems to be no slowing down of people excited to experience this interactive experience for themselves. Some people may recommend two or three hours of exploration here, but we wouldn’t be surprised if you ended up spending on the upwards of five hours here, because there’s just so much to explore. Sometimes, you might find yourself mesmerized by something, only to glance at your watch and realize you’ve been staring at the same thing for 30-minutes straight! (This happened to us, and quite frankly, we’re not even mad).

You can purchase tickets at Family Mart or 7/11, but if you’re not fluent in Japanese, we reckon you should save the hassle and purchase them directly from the team Lab’s website. Also, one of the areas, Athletics Park, prohibits high heels, sandals, wooden clogs, and other unsteady footwear, so you can either just wear a simple pair of sneakers or closed shoes, otherwise, they have a shoe rental system (free) on the 4th floor you can use.

It’s aptly located in Odaiba, the growingly futuristic precinct of Tokyo where elevated train lines, enormous shopping centres outlets, the famous Gundam Robot statute, and even Toyota and Panasonic’s enormous showroom resides.

If you HAD to go on just one date in Tokyo, it would be this.


No doubt about it.

We guarantee there will be no regrets. To this day, we’re still feeling undeniably impressed by the amazing immersive experience, and we simply can’t put into words how overwhelming the first moment of entering the exhibition is – you just have to trust us and try it out for yourself!