10 Thoughtful Gifts To Bring To Japan From Canada

Gifts to Bring to Japan from Canada

When visiting Japan from Canada, it’s customary to bring a small gift as a gesture of appreciation and respect. But what kind of gift should you bring? Here are a few ideas that are sure to be well-received by your Japanese hosts:

  • Maple syrup: This sweet treat is a Canadian staple, and it’s something that the Japanese can’t get enough of. You can find maple syrup in most grocery stores in Canada.
  • Ice wine: This unique Canadian wine is made from grapes that have been frozen on the vine. It’s a sweet, dessert wine that’s perfect for a special occasion.
  • Canadian souvenirs: There are many different Canadian souvenirs that you can find in tourist shops across the country. These could include things like maple leaf keychains, Canadian flags, or stuffed animals wearing Mountie uniforms.

No matter what you choose, make sure your gift is something that is representative of Canada and that you think your hosts will enjoy. A little thoughtfulness can go a long way in making a good impression.


  • What is the best way to wrap a gift for someone in Japan?
  • Gifts in Japan are typically wrapped in furoshiki, a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth. You can find furoshiki in most department stores in Japan.

  • How much should I spend on a gift for someone in Japan?
  • The amount of money you spend on a gift in Japan is not as important as the thoughtfulness of the gift. A small, inexpensive gift that is well-chosen and well-wrapped will be just as appreciated as a more expensive gift.

  • What are some other things I can do to show my appreciation for my Japanese hosts?
  • In addition to bringing a gift, there are other ways you can show your appreciation for your Japanese hosts. These could include learning a few basic Japanese phrases, being respectful of Japanese customs, and helping out around the house.


Bringing a gift to Japan from Canada is a great way to show your appreciation for your hosts and to learn more about Japanese culture. By following these tips, you can choose a gift that is sure to be well-received and that will make a lasting impression.

gifts to bring to japan from canada

gifts to bring to japan from canada

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