The Trunk Hotel in Shibuya is an ultra-hip, traditional/contemporary boutique hotel and “third place.” Opened in May 2017, there is nothing else quite like it in Japan. While many venues boast this, the Trunk Hotel is so much more than a hotel, that it has become a venue that many visitors would rather keep a secret.

The idea of “third place” is that successful communities have places other than home (first place) and work (second space) for people to gather and engage in. Churches, cafes, libraries, parks, and other community venues have been the most common examples of such spaces.

Trunk Hotel

Trunk Hotel©Michael K. Kato /JapanFor2

Lounge and Terrace

While Trunk may be a bit more expensive than most classic third spaces, it offers many great services that are highly attractive. The bar (lounge) area is roomy, elegant, offers great drinks, plus you can eat anything you buy at the store and kushi restaurant inside of Trunk. The space offers free WiFi, charging stations, books, and great coffee, in addition to a well stocked bar. It even offers organic drinks for young people, including infants.

The other main public space that is incredibly welcoming is the huge terrace area. Here, too, you can enjoy food and drink from the Trunk (store). Beer, soft drinks, chocolate, cookies, candy, and ice candies are some of the great products in store here, with a broad range of local, environmentally friendly, and health conscious products that are all uber-cooly Trunk branded.

Trunk Lounge

Trunk Lounge©Michael K. Kato /JapanFor2


A hotel, of course, is firstly a place to stay. The hotel features great rooms, using recycled and organic materials, rubber sandals that guests are encouraged to take home instead of throwaway slippers, and a well stocked minibar featuring Shibuya Beer and Shibuya Cola. From room hangers to pencils, glasses, toiletries, towels, and shoe shining, Trunk focuses on environmentally friendly, locally produced, recycled, and artisan items, providing a uniquely relaxing and socially connected experience.

The rooms range from a terrace suite, which can provide accommodation for 1-8 persons, a dining suite or balcony junior suite for up to six, a living suite for up to 4 persons, and a variety of standard rooms for between 1 and 3 persons. There are only 15 guest rooms in this swanky venue, though, starting at around ¥50,000 per person.

Dining at Trunk

For couples, staying at Trunk isn’t the only way to enjoy a romantic time here. Dinner, or even lunch, at Trunk, can be a lovely way to start a date. Trunk Kitchen offers a brunch, with two appetizers, main dish, and soup, which comes with salad, bread or rice, and drink, all for ¥2800.

The producers of wine, vegetables, meat, and dairy products, as well as rice and other ingredients, are all specially selected by the chef and kitchen staff.

The Kushi restaurant also offers a different taste from the Kitchen. It’s not just “yakitori,” but skewered bits of chicken, beef, pork, and vegetables. It’s concept is “Shibuya Soul Food.” Some of the pieces may not be common fare, but is actually the food of commoners. Chicken gizzards, meat balls with cartilage, pork tongue, stomach, and intestine, and beef skirt, are consumed side-by-side with premium cuts like thighs and ribs. Served with grilled veggies such as onions and shiitake mushrooms, Japanese pickles, and even ramen, the food at Kushi is hearty and delicious.

Trunk Bar

Trunk Bar©Michael K. Kato /JapanFor2

Socializing at Trunk

With just 15 guest rooms, the first visit to Trunk Hotel for most visitors isn’t to spend the night. The food, lounge, and the socializing is why most people visit. There are events almost every night, including talks, art, parties, and music.

The Trunk concept of socializing isn’t just hanging out and meeting people, either. Their concept is that the hotel itself is rooted in society, and that its values create the social environment. Thus, Trunk’s focus on environment, local first, diversity, health, and culture, welcome friends, couples of all kinds, and all visitors to enjoy the facilities and community.

The combination of all of these things make Trunk a trendy place to spend an afternoon, evening, or night in Shibuya and near Harajuku. It will make you and your partner feel great, leading to a day or night full of joy and romance.

Venue information
5-31 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0001 JAPAN