Unveiling The Secrets Of Gift Giving In Japan: Etiquette For Business Success

Gift Giving in Japan: A Key to Business Etiquette

Learn the intricacies of gift giving etiquette in Japan to make a lasting impression in the business world.

Gift Giving Etiquette in Japan Business

  1. Give thoughtful gifts: Consider the recipient’s interests and preferences. Avoid personal or extravagant items.
  2. Wrap gifts carefully: Use high-quality wrapping paper and ribbons, and avoid excessive decoration.
  3. Present gifts with both hands: Show respect by presenting the gift with both hands, palms up.
  4. Say “domo arigato” (thank you): Express gratitude for receiving the gift.
  5. Don’t open gifts immediately: Wait until after the gift-giver has left to open the present.


  • What are some appropriate gift ideas? Traditional Japanese gifts, such as tea sets or sake, are always appreciated.
  • How much should I spend on a gift? Gifts should be modest in value, typically around $30-$50.
  • Can I give gifts to subordinates? Yes, but it’s important to avoid giving overly expensive or personal gifts.


Mastering gift giving etiquette in Japan business is essential for building strong relationships and making a positive impression. By following these guidelines, you can navigate this cultural nuance with confidence and respect.

gift giving japan business

gift giving japan business

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