Unveiling The Secrets Of Gift Delivery In Japan: A Guide For Foreigners

Navigating Gift-Giving in Japan: A Guide for Foreigners

If you’re stumped on gift delivery services in Japan for foreigners, fret not! This guide will help you navigate the nuances of Japanese gift-giving etiquette and introduce you to reliable services that cater specifically to non-Japanese speakers.

Understanding Japanese Gift-Giving Customs

  • Respect the Wrapper: Presentation is paramount in Japan. Choose elegant wrapping paper and a thoughtful bow.

  • Opt for Practical Gifts: Gifts that can be used or consumed are generally appreciated. Consider items like tea sets, snacks, or gift certificates.

Reliable Gift Delivery Services for Foreigners

  • Japan Post: Offers a wide range of shipping options, including international delivery. Their website has English support.

  • Kuroneko Yamato: Provides convenient home delivery services with English-speaking staff for assistance.

  • Sagawa Express: Specializes in international shipping and offers support for non-Japanese speakers.


  • Can I send gifts from overseas? Yes, but be aware of customs regulations.

  • What’s the appropriate budget for a gift? It varies based on the occasion and relationship.

  • Do I need to include a gift note? Yes, a handwritten note in Japanese is preferred, but English is acceptable.


Navigating gift-giving in Japan can be daunting, but with these services and tips, you can confidently send thoughtful presents to your loved ones in the Land of the Rising Sun. Remember to respect Japanese customs and let your gifts convey your heartfelt wishes.

gift delivery services in japan for foreigners

gift delivery services in japan for foreigners

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