Unveiling The Enchanting Distance To Japanese Delights From Hachijo Royal Hotel Island

How Far is Hachijo Royal Hotel Island from Japanese Attractions?

Embark on an unforgettable island getaway at Hachijo Royal Hotel Island, a secluded paradise surrounded by the azure waters of the Pacific Ocean. While the island offers an array of captivating experiences, many travelers are curious about its proximity to popular Japanese attractions.

Distance from Hachijo Royal Hotel Island to:

  • Japanese Garden: Approximately 2,000 miles
  • Japanese Restaurant: Varies depending on the specific restaurant’s location
  • Japan Beach: Approximately 15 miles from Hachijo Beach


Q: How can I get to Hachijo Royal Hotel Island from Japan?
A: The most convenient way is to take a direct flight from Haneda Airport (HND) in Tokyo to Hachijojima Airport (HAC).

Q: Is there a ferry service to Hachijo Royal Hotel Island?
A: Yes, there is a ferry service that departs from Takeshiba Pier in Tokyo and arrives at Hachijojima Port. However, the trip takes approximately 10 hours.


Nestled amidst tranquil shores and vibrant marine life, Hachijo Royal Hotel Island beckons adventurers seeking a serene retreat. While it may be geographically distant from some Japanese attractions, the island’s unique charm and natural beauty make it an exceptional destination in its own right. For those yearning for a taste of Japanese culture and cuisine, exploring the local offerings on the island or planning a separate trip to mainland Japan can enrich your overall travel experience.

how far is hachijo royal hotel island from japanese

how far is hachijo royal hotel island from japanese

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