Unveiling The Ancient Tradition Of Gift Dead Japanese

Gift Dead Japanese: A Unique and Respectful Way to Honor the Deceased

Meta description: “Gift Dead Japanese: A Unique and Respectful Way to Honor the Deceased” article explores the ancient Japanese tradition of “okurimono” or “gift giving” to the deceased. This article provides insights into the types of gifts, customs, and etiquette associated with this practice, offering a glimpse into Japanese culture and its deep respect for the afterlife.

In Japan, the tradition of gift-giving extends beyond the living. “Okurimono,” or gifts for the deceased, is a centuries-old practice that serves as a way to honor and show respect for those who have passed away. These gifts are not meant to be extravagant or showy, but rather thoughtful and meaningful items that the deceased would have appreciated in life.

Types of Okurimono:

  • Flowers: Flowers are a common and beautiful way to express sympathy and remembrance. White chrysanthemums, in particular, are associated with funerals and mourning in Japan.
  • Food and drink: Offering food and drink to the deceased is a way to show that their memory is still alive. This can include favorite dishes, fruits, or sake.
  • Personal items: Personal items, such as clothing, jewelry, or books, can be gifted to the deceased as a way to keep their memory close.
  • Money: Money can be given as a practical gift to help cover funeral expenses or to be used for charitable donations in the deceased’s name.

Customs and Etiquette:

  • Timing: Okurimono are typically given at the funeral or memorial service.
  • Presentation: Gifts should be wrapped in white or light-colored paper and presented with both hands.
  • Respect: It is important to show respect when giving okurimono. Avoid making loud noises or drawing attention to yourself.


  • What if I don’t know what to gift? If you are unsure what to gift, a simple flower arrangement or a gift certificate to the deceased’s favorite store is always appropriate.
  • Can I give gifts after the funeral? Yes, it is acceptable to give gifts to the deceased’s family or to their grave after the funeral.

The tradition of Gift Dead Japanese is a beautiful and meaningful way to honor and show respect for the deceased. By understanding the customs and etiquette associated with okurimono, we can participate in this act of remembrance and show our support for the bereaved.

gift dead japanese

gift dead japanese

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