Uniqlo Gift Cards: Your Ultimate Guide To Shopping In Japan

Can You Use Uniqlo Gift Cards in Japanese?

Uniqlo, one of Japan’s most iconic retail brands, offers gift cards as a convenient way to shop for their wide range of clothing and accessories. But can these gift cards be used outside of Japan, specifically for Japanese-language purchases? Let’s find out!

In-Store Purchases in Japan
When it comes to using Uniqlo gift cards in Japan, there are no language barriers. You can use them at any Uniqlo store within the country to make purchases, regardless of whether the store displays items and signage in Japanese or English.

Online Purchases in Japan
Similarly, you can use Uniqlo gift cards to make online purchases from the Japanese Uniqlo website. The checkout process is available in both Japanese and English, allowing you to navigate the site and complete your order without any language difficulties.

Purchases Outside of Japan
Unfortunately, Uniqlo gift cards are only valid for purchases made in Japan. This means that you won’t be able to use them at Uniqlo stores or on the website if you’re located outside of the country.


  • Can I use Uniqlo gift cards to buy Japanese games? No, Uniqlo gift cards can only be used to purchase Uniqlo products and cannot be used to make purchases from other stores, including video game retailers.
  • Can I get a refund for an unused Uniqlo gift card? Yes, you can request a refund for an unused Uniqlo gift card by contacting customer service.


Uniqlo gift cards offer a convenient and easy way to shop for Uniqlo products in Japan. Whether you’re making in-store or online purchases, you can use your gift card without worrying about language barriers. However, it’s important to note that Uniqlo gift cards cannot be used outside of Japan.

can uniqlo gift cards be use in japanese language

can uniqlo gift cards be use in japanese language

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