Sparkling Clean: Unveiling The Secrets Of Japan’s Onsen Resorts


h2>How sparkling clean are Japan’s Onsen Resorts?

Are Onsen Resorts spotless, disinfected, sanitized, and disinfected? What’s the secret behind their sparkling cleanliness?

Discover the Secrets of Onsen Cleanliness

  • Hygiene is paramount: Onsen goers are expected to bathe thoroughly before entering the onsen, ensuring the water remains pristine.

  • Regular cleaning: Onsen resorts employ dedicated staff who meticulously clean the facilities several times a day, removing any impurities.

  • Filtration systems: Advanced filtration systems continuously purify the onsen water, removing bacteria and other contaminants.

  • Chlorine or ozone treatment: Some onsens use chlorine or ozone as disinfectants, further ensuring the water’s cleanliness.

  • Footwear restrictions: Guests are required to remove their shoes before entering the onsen area, minimizing the introduction of dirt and debris.

  • Changing rooms and showers: Changing rooms and showers are also kept spotlessly clean, providing a hygienic environment for guests.


  • Is it safe to drink onsen water? No, onsen water is not recommended for consumption due to its high mineral content.

  • Can you swim in an onsen? Onsens are not meant for swimming but rather for soaking and relaxation.

  • What should you do if you have a tattoo? Some onsens may restrict guests with visible tattoos; it’s best to check with the resort beforehand.


Japan’s Onsen Resorts are renowned for their exceptional cleanliness, thanks to strict hygiene practices, regular cleaning, advanced filtration systems, and dedicated staff. By adhering to these standards, onsens provide guests with a safe, hygienic, and rejuvenating experience.

how clean is the japan onsen resort

how clean is the japan onsen resort

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