Jungkook Makes History As Vogue Japan’s First Male Solo Cover Star

BTS Jungkook is Vogue Japan’s First Male Solo Cover Star

Who is the first male solo cover star of Vogue Japan

Well, it’s none other than our beloved BTS Jungkook! The global superstar and member of the world-renowned boy band BTS has achieved another milestone by becoming the first male solo cover star of Vogue Japan.

What was the photoshoot concept

The photoshoot, which was released in the May 2023 issue of Vogue Japan, features Jungkook showcasing a variety of alluring and charismatic looks. The concept of the photoshoot was “The World of Jungkook“, which aimed to capture the essence of his artistry, style, and personality.

BTS Jungkook’s Vogue Japan photoshoot

In the stunning black-and-white cover image, Jungkook exudes an air of confidence and maturity, gazing directly into the camera with his piercing eyes. The accompanying spread includes a series of captivating shots that showcase his versatility, from edgy street style to sophisticated tailoring.

Is Vogue Japan popular

Vogue Japan is one of the most influential fashion magazines in the world, known for its cutting-edge content and collaborations with renowned artists and celebrities. Jungkook’s appearance on the cover is a testament to his global impact and influence in the fashion industry.


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Jungkook’s Vogue Japan cover is a historic moment for both the artist and the magazine. It marks a new era of inclusivity and representation in the fashion industry, and it further solidifies Jungkook’s status as a global icon.

vogue japan jungkook

vogue japan jungkook

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