Jimin’s Love Yourself Tour In Japan: Picket Signs Of Love And Support

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Jimin Love Yourself Tour in Japan: Picket Fantasy, Picket Fandom, Picket Fancy

During the Love Yourself tour in Japan, Jimin’s picket signs held some special messages for ARMYs. These signs expressed messages of self-love, acceptance, and support for both Jimin and the fans themselves.

Some of the most notable signs included:

  • “Love Yourself, Love Myself”
  • “You’re the one I love”
  • “ARMY, I’m with you”
  • “With ARMY, I’m home”

These small expressions show Jimin’s huge heart and his love for his fans. ARMYs returned the favor by cheering him on enthusiastically throughout the tour with the picket signs of their own. It was a beautiful display of mutual love and support between an artist and his fans.


  • Q: What was the purpose of the picket signs?
    A: The picket signs were a way for Jimin to send messages of love and support to his fans, ARMY.

  • Q: What were some of the messages on the signs?
    A: Some of the messages on the signs included “Love Yourself, Love Myself”, “You’re the one I love”, “ARMY, I’m with you”, and “With ARMY, I’m home”.

  • Q: How did ARMYs respond to the signs?
    A: ARMYs responded to the signs with enthusiastic cheers and support, showing their love and appreciation for Jimin.

Jimin’s picket signs during the Love Yourself tour in Japan were a heartwarming gesture that showed his love for his fans. ARMYs responded with equal love and support, creating a beautiful and memorable experience for everyone involved.

jimin love yourself tour in japan picket fantasy

jimin love yourself tour in japan picket fantasy

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