India Gifts Japan 2 Elephants To Celebrate 70 Years Of Diplomatic Ties

India gifts Japan 2 elephants

India gifted Japan two baby elephants to mark 70 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries.
In a virtual ceremony on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Japanese counterpart, Yoshihide Suga, jointly released the pair of elephants into an enclosure at Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo.

Born earlier this year, the male and female calves, named Ashin (meaning “morning sun”) and Sakura (meaning “cherry blossom”), were sent to Japan on a special plane from their home in Assam, northeastern India.

The gift of the elephants is a symbolic gesture of the close ties between India and Japan, and is expected to strengthen the friendship between the two countries.


  • What are the names of the two elephants?
  • Where were the elephants born?
  • Why were the elephants gifted to Japan?


The gift of the two elephants is a heartwarming gesture that symbolizes the strong bond between India and Japan. The elephants are expected to bring joy to the people of Japan and serve as a reminder of the friendship between the two countries.

india gifts japan 2 elephants

india gifts japan 2 elephants

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