India Gifts 2 Majestic Elephants To Japan

India Gifted Elephant to Japan

India Gifted 2 Elephants to Japan

India gifted two elephants to Japan as a goodwill gesture. The elephants, named Asha and Indira, are both female and are around 15 years old. They were gifted to the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, where they will be part of the zoo’s elephant exhibit.

The elephants were flown to Japan on a special cargo plane. They were accompanied by a team of veterinarians and animal handlers from India. The elephants arrived in Japan on 18th of September 2023, and they have been in quarantine since then.

The elephants are now in good health and are adjusting well to their new home. They have been introduced to the other elephants in the zoo, and they are getting along well. The elephants are a popular attraction at the zoo, and they are sure to bring joy to many visitors.


  • When were the elephants gifted to Japan?
    The elephants were gifted to Japan on 18th September 2023.

  • What are the names of the elephants?
    The elephants are named Asha and Indira.

  • Where are the elephants now?
    The elephants are now at the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo.


India‘s gift of two elephants to Japan is a symbol of the strong friendship between the two countries. The elephants are a beautiful and majestic addition to the Ueno Zoo, and they are sure to bring joy to many visitors.

india gifted elephant to japan

india gifted elephant to japan

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