Handmade Gifts From The Heart: Expressing Yourself In Japanese

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Giving a Handmade Gift in Japanese: A thoughtful Gesture

“Giving a handmade gift in Japanese” shows the giver’s thoughtfulness and care and also helps strengthen relationships. But how do you say, “This is a handmade gift” in Japanese?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the nuances of expressing this sentiment in Japanese. Whether you’re a seasoned gift-giver or new to the Japanese language, this guide will help you convey your heartfelt message with confidence.

How to Say “This is a Handmade Gift” in Japanese

There are two common ways to say “This is a handmade gift” in Japanese:

  • Tezukuri desu. (手づくりです。)
  • Jibun de tsukuri まし た. (自分で作りました。)

“Tezukuri” means “handmade,” while “jibun” means “self” and “tsukuri まし た” means “made.” The second phrase literally translates to “I made it myself.”

Additional Phrases to Enhance Your Gift-Giving

In addition to the main phrase, here are some additional expressions you can use to make your gift-giving even more meaningful:

  • Kokoro o kometeつくりました。 (心を込めて作りました。) – “I made it with all my heart.”
  • Ki o tsukatteつくりました。 (気を遣って作りました。) – “I put a lot of thought into making it.”
  • Jotan o meshite kudasai. (粗末なものですが、お納めください。) – “It’s not much, but please accept it.”


  • Q: Is it considered rude to give a handmade gift in Japan?
    A: No, giving a handmade gift is generally considered thoughtful and appreciated in Japan.

  • Q: What are some appropriate handmade gifts to give in Japan?
    A: Traditional Japanese crafts, such as origami, calligraphy, or pottery, are popular choices.

  • Q: How should I wrap a handmade gift in Japanese style?
    A: Use traditional Japanese wrapping paper called “washi” and tie it with a decorative ribbon or cord.


Giving a handmade gift in Japanese is a wonderful way to show your appreciation and care. By using the phrases and expressions provided in this guide, you can convey your heartfelt message in a culturally appropriate manner. Remember, it’s the thought and effort you put into your gift that truly matters. So go ahead, embrace the Japanese tradition of handmade gifting, and let your creativity shine through!

giving a handmade gift in japanese

giving a handmade gift in japanese

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