Gift Cards Galore: Your Ultimate Guide To Spending In Japan

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Gift Cards in Japan: The Ultimate Guide for Foreigners

Gift cards are a thoughtful and convenient way to show your appreciation in Japan. But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming for foreigners to know where to start. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the different types of gift cards accepted in Japan, where to find them, and how to use them like a local.

Types of Gift Cards

  • Department store gift cards: These cards can be used at major department stores like Takashimaya, Mitsukoshi, and Isetan. They offer a wide variety of merchandise, from clothing and accessories to electronics and home goods.
  • Convenience store gift cards: Convenience store gift cards, such as those from 7-Eleven, FamilyMart, and Lawson, can be used to purchase everyday items like snacks, drinks, and toiletries.
  • Restaurant gift cards: Restaurant gift cards are available for a variety of popular chain restaurants like Yoshinoya, Coco Ichibanya, and Matsuya. They’re a great option for foodies or those who enjoy dining out.
  • Transportation gift cards: Transportation gift cards, like the Suica and Pasmo cards, can be used on public transportation systems in major cities like Tokyo and Osaka. They’re essential for getting around and exploring Japan.

Where to Find Gift Cards

  • Department stores: Department stores typically have dedicated gift card counters where you can purchase cards in various denominations.
  • Convenience stores: Convenience stores often sell gift cards for their own stores as well as for other businesses.
  • Online retailers: Gift cards can also be purchased online from retailers like Amazon Japan and Rakuten.

Using Gift Cards

  • Check the balance: Before using your gift card, check the balance by visiting the store’s website or calling their customer service line.
  • Pay with your card: Simply present your gift card at the checkout counter to make a purchase.
  • Reload your card: Most gift cards can be reloaded at the store where they were purchased or online.


  • Can foreigners use gift cards in Japan? Yes, foreigners can use gift cards in Japan just like locals.
  • Is there an expiration date on gift cards? Most gift cards in Japan do not have an expiration date, but it’s always best to check the card’s terms and conditions.
  • Can I get a refund for a gift card? Refunds for gift cards are generally not available, but some stores may offer store credit.


Gift cards are an excellent way to give a thoughtful and practical gift in Japan. By understanding the different types of gift cards available, where to find them, and how to use them, you can navigate the Japanese gift-giving culture with ease. Whether you’re looking to spoil a loved one or show your appreciation for a business partner, gift cards are the perfect solution.

gift cards that are accepted in japan for foreigners

gift cards that are accepted in japan for foreigners

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