“JapanFor2” aims to be the bible for 120% fun couples’ trips to Japan.

“JapanFor2” offers all kinds of information to help foreign couples visiting Japan have a fulfilling stay full of memorable experiences.

It is full of hints to help couples enjoy traveling in Japan, including date plans, restaurants great for surprises, unique Japanese experiences to enjoy together, and lodging facilities for romantic getaways.

The articles are written by writers from around the world living in Japan. These Japan-loving writers are creating an up-to-date and realistic “Japan travel guide for couples.”

Managing company

“JapanFor2” is managed by the hospitality technology company ALMEX Inc.

ALMEX Inc. uses the latest technology to provide total solution products and services to support the optimization of automatic fare adjustment machines, front desk management systems, and all related situations for the purposes of medical institutions, business hotels, leisure hotels, restaurants, and golf courses.

In order to help foreign tourists to Japan enjoy their stay in Japan more, ALMEX Inc. also manages the “Loveinn Japan” website to introduce “couples’ hotels,” a unique type of Japanese lodging facility just for couples, based on the keywords “Technology meets Hospitality.”

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