How to get there

Kobe Animal Kingdom is a fower and animal park located in Port Island, an artifcial island
connected to Kobe mainland by Kobe Ohashi bridge.
You can get there by car, train or using the Bay Shuttle from Kansai Airport.
If you get there by train you’ll need to use the Port Liner Line. It’s a driverless monorail which
runs from Sannomiya Station to Kobe Airport, making it extremely easy to access the many
facilities on the island.
Take the Port Liner Line from Sannomiya station and get off at “K-Computer Mae Station”
(Kobe Animal Kingdom).
As you exit the station, you’ll see indications for the North Entrance of the park.

As a foreign tourist, you can get a 20% admission discount by using the coupon on this list.

You’ll just need to show the coupon and your passport when purchasing your tickets.

When to get there

The park is open everyday (except on Thursdays) from 10.00 to 17.00 on weekdays and from
10.00 to 17.30 on weekends and holidays. Keep in mind that the last entry is 30 minutes before
the closing time.
From December to February the park closes 30 minutes earlier.
If possible, try to avoid getting there on weekends or national holidays because the park can get
pretty crowded and there’s really not much fun having to line for a long time or walking around
trying not to step onto other people’s feet (or onto the animals. Yes, a lot of the animals are free
to roam around the park! 😉
Ideally, you’d better go there on a weekday, around the opening time. There’s so much to see
(not only the animals and the beautiful shows, but also the stunning plants and fowers that
decorate all the park) and I promise you’ll want to take so many photos that, in the blink of an
eye, 3 or 4 hours will already have passed!

What’s inside

There are two main areas, an indoor one and an outdoor one, which means that you can enjoy
the park even on rainy days!

If you get to the park by train, the first area you’ll see will be the “Animal Interaction area”. Here you can pet and interact with dogs, cats and small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. Don’t forget to take a photo: just you, your partner and a fluffy white bunny!
It’s also possible to interact with parrots and fish, but you’ll need to pay an extra fee.

Water Lilies Kobe Animal Kingdom
Elisa Riva /JapanFor2

One of the most popular places is the Water Lilies area: a huge pond with many lovely lilies that is the set for the Bird Performance and Show.
During the show you’ll see many different species of birds and feel the thrill of having a hawk flying just a few inches above your head!
After the show, if you’re willing to wait a bit and pay an extra fee, you can get a photo with an owl perched on your arm.

African Wetland Kobe Animal Kingdom
Elisa Riva /JapanFor2

The “African Wetland” is where you’ll find the shoebill, the mascot of the park. Don’t let itsscary appearance fool you, it’s indeed very shy!
Playful and active ring-tailed lemurs also inhabits this area and you’ll be amused looking at them running all around non stop!
In the indoor area you’ll also find the “Tropical Wetland”, “Tropical Forest” and “Aqua Valley”. Here you can see snakes and reptiles, take a photo with beautiful toucans, watch lazy sloths chilling out and pet cute capybaras with their babies.

If you can’t resist the cuteness of red pandas, head to the “Asian Forest”. You can see them here and take many beautiful shots. Next to this area there’s one of my favorite parts of the park: it’s called “Flower Shower” and the name itself is enough to give you an idea of why I love it so much. This area is perfect to rest and eat your lunch box while staring at beautiful flowers hanging from the ceiling. If you didn’t bring your lunch box, no worries! The park has a cafe as well as a buffet restaurant.
Next to the cafe you’ll find a cute shop where to buy lots of interesting souvenirs for your friends or for yourselves! Stuffed animals, key holders, cookies…you can find the perfect souvenir to remember your day!

Asian Forest Kobe Animal Kingdom
Elisa Riva /JapanFor2

As our walk continues, we head toward the Rocky Valley area. This area is the newest one, since it was opened this past spring. Wolves, bears, cougars and eagles are there waiting for you!

What’s outside

In the outdoor area you can experience riding a horse or a camel and have some fun while watching the dog performance show. That’s not all, though!
Have you ever petted a kangaroo? Well, this is your occasion! Heading outdoors you will find the “Kangaroo Farm”. As the name goes, this is the place where you can get close to kangaroos and feed them. You’ll be surprised at how friendly they are if you have some food with you! Beautiful deers share the same area and you can feed and pet them as well!
If you’re tired and want to rest or take some nice couple shots, go to the “Flower Garden”, a quiet and nice area where to take a break.

Before leaving the park, don’t forget to say hi to the cute Alpacas in the “Alpaca Space”. You can pet them, but be careful…they spit!! 😉