Oriental Hotel

Teppanyaki with a view©Elisa Riva /JapanFor2

The Oriental Hotel, located in the former Kobe foreign settlement, is one of the most historic hotels in Japan. Its construction dates back to 1870, when Kobe Port was opened to foreign ships, and you can somehow feel those vibes while entering the building.

The Hotel has four different restaurants, located on the 17th floor: “Main Dining By The House of Pacific”, “Sushi Kanbe” , “Steak House Medium Rare” and “The Bar J.W.Hart”.

Main dining by the house of pacific

This restaurant is open not only for dinner, but for lunch and breakfast as well. It has an open-kitchen layout and it focuses mainly on Italian cuisine.
Breakfast comes with an all-you-can-eat buffet, at lunch you can choose one of the many course menus available and for dinner three full courses are offered.

Sushi kanbe

If you and your partner are sushi addicted, this luxurious restaurant is the ideal place where to have your last dinner in Kobe. With its menus starting at 15.000 yen, this place surely is on the pricey side, but you can stay assured you’ll experience some top-quality, exquisite sushi.

Steak house medium rare

This is the restaurant I want to take you today! Since this is going to be your last dinner in Kobe, what better than enjoying the world-renowned Kobe Beef in a high-quality teppanyaki restaurant?

You can enjoy Kobe Beef as well as Hida Beef grilled in front of you by the chef. It’s such a great experience to remember after you’re back to your country.

It’s always better to reserve and, when you do so, I highly recommend you to ask for the counter seats in front of the window. This is such a romantic spot: you can enjoy your dinner while looking at the marvellous view of Kobe city by night. The restaurant is located on the 17th floor so you can stay sure that the view is stunning!

Dinner on weekdays is served between 17.30 and 22.30 (but remember that the last order is at 21.00) while on weekends the restaurant is open until 23.00 (last order at 21.30) and you can choose between à la carte and course menus.
The prices for the à la carte menu start from 900yen.
As for the course, you can choose among the “Tasting course”, the “Wagyu Steak Course” and the “Oriental Course.

The first one, the “Tasting course” is available only on weekdays and it costs 7000yen per person (plus a 10% service charge).
You’ll be served a starter, some assorted appetizers, a green salad, vegetables, 80g of Kuroge Wagyu Sirloin steak, rice or garlic rice or okonomiyaki on your choice, a delicious dessert and coffee or tea.
While you eat your starter and appetizers, the chef will already have started preparations for grilling the meat and vegetables in front of you. You can really see their skills at work here. Don’t be shy and take as many shots as you want: if you ask them, the chef will be glad to smile in front of the camera for you and also to take a photo of you two together.

Oriental Hotel
Elisa Riva /JapanFor2

The “Wagyu course” offers 100g of a meat of your choice (Kuroge Beef, Hida Beef and Kobe Beef). Be aware that, depending on your choice, the cost of your dinner will change.
A starter, assorted appetizers, salads and grilled vegetables as well as rice or okonomiyaki and some dessert with coffee or tea will complete your dinner.

If you’re not afraid of splurging on your dinner (or spoiling your partner ;), the “Oriental course” is the one for you. Foie Gras, fresh lobster and 80g of the delicious Kobe Beef will satisfy your cravings for luxury.

The bar J.W.Hart

Before dinner for a casual happy hour or after dinner for a romantic way to end your date, this bar is the perfect place where to chill out in an elegant atmosphere, while treating yourself and your partner to a cocktail. The bar is open until 1 am so you can take your time to share some romantic time with your loved one.

Oriental Hotel
Elisa Riva /JapanFor2