Watching the sunset is a classic thing to do for couples and a perfect way to experience Tokyo transform from day to night.

Tokyo City View

Tokyo City View

Tokyo City View©Tao Lin /JapanFor2

It is hard to beat the panoramic view offered here, especially if you head to the rooftop observation deck where you can get an unobstructed 360 view from atop Roppongi Hills. It’s where photographers, tourists and locals alike go for a view of Tokyo Tower and to admire the metropolis from above.

There are often exhibitions in the indoor observation area, which offer added value to the views of the city. Relax in the lounge or at the cafe or restaurant, before going to the outdoor observation deck for sunset. Be aware that it can get chilly outside, so remember to dress warm if you’re visiting during the cooler months.


Odaiba Rainbow Bridge©Tao Lin /JapanFor2

The artificial Odaiba beach waterfront is a popular place to watch the sun go down and it also offers a great view of the Rainbow Bridge. Make a day out of it by heading there earlier to do some shopping, visit the Statue of Liberty replica or simply to enjoy a nice stroll. An alternative to the beach is the colorful Daikanransha, a 115-meter tall ferris wheel that was the world’s tallest when it opened in 1999.

For a completely different perspective, you can also actually walk across the Rainbow Bridge from Shibaura-futo station to Odaiba. You can choose to walk along either the north or south side – the north features views of Tokyo Tower while the south shows off Odaiba’s skyline. The whole walk takes about half an hour, including time to admire the scenery and take lots of photos. Just be aware that there will be traffic so it might not be the most quiet experience!

Kasai Rinkai Park

Kasai Rinkai Park

Kasai Rinkai Park©Tao Lin /JapanFor2

Situated with Tokyo Disneyland on one side and Odaiba on the other, this park is the largest in central Tokyo. Due to it being a little further away from the main city areas, it’s also a great place to spend a day out. As well as beaches and plenty of open fields, there is also a ferris wheel, aquarium and an observation building. Since it was built to help preserve the local nature, a large part of the park is also a designated sea bird sanctuary.

The peaceful waterfront area has lovely views of the open water and the city’s buildings in the distance, making it a great place to walk along or sit while admiring the sunset.

Tokyo Skytree

This landmark building plays host to countless dates and its observation decks, although fairly pricey, offer incredible views of the sprawling metropolis.

The first observation deck, at 350 meters high, includes panoramic views through large glass windows and floor glass panels, which you can stand on and see down to the bottom of the tower (not for the faint-hearted!). One hundred meters up is the second observation area, which doubles as a gallery.

Sip on some beverages from the Skytree Cafe or if you’re feeling fancy, enjoy a nice meal at the French-Japanese restaurant, Musashi Sky Restaurant. Take lots of selfies and if you dare, do some fun jumping photos on top of the floor glass panels!

Seaside Top Observatory

If you love looking over Tokyo city and Tokyo Tower, then the Seaside Top Observatory, located in the World Trade Center in Hamamatsucho, offers beautiful, clear and unobstructed views. Dim lighting, soft music, comfortable seating and plenty of space make this place a wonderful choice to unwind at sundown.

Compared with other observation decks like Tokyo City View and Tokyo Skytree, Seaside Top is a much more affordable option at just 620 yen per adult. There are no food or drink options here, but why not explore around the local area after the sunset?

Mt Takao

Takao Sunset

Takao Sunset©Tao Lin /JapanFor2

For something a little different, head out of the city and spend an afternoon climbing and exploring Mt Takao and then watching the sunset from the summit. If you’re lucky, you will see Mt Fuji in the distance – it’s a beautiful sight to watch the sky turn various shades of pink and orange around the famous mountain.

Make sure to bring a torch or other source of light with you as the path down from Mt Takao is quite dark, with some parts not lit at all during the night. Feel free to walk all the way down, or for those who don’t want to walk in the dark, it may be possible to use the cable car depending on what time it is (they normally operate longer hours on weekends and holidays).

A city for sunset viewing

You don’t have to go to a beach for a romantic sunset – with so many viewing points in Tokyo, you’re bound to find somewhere that will give you and your date the perfect sunset view.