Do you want to surprise your partner with a unique gift for their birthday? Are you looking for a special way to spend your anniversary? Or maybe you just want some romantic time together? Then a short cruise in the Kobe bay (while having a nice lunch) is what you’re looking for!

Luminous Kobe 2 is one of the biggest cruise ships in Japan. Setting sail near Port Tower and the Oriental Hotel, this cruise ship will offer you an unusual yet romantic option to enjoy your stay in Japan.

Luminous Kobe 2

Luminous Kobe 2©Elisa Riva /JapanFor2

You can easily make your reservation online through their website (Luminous Kobe 2), available also in English. The reservation process is very easy and clear. After you’re done, you’ll be sent a confirmation e-mail with all the details you need. On the day of your trip, you’ll need to get to the Ticket Counter, located on the second floor of the Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel, 30 minutes before the departure time to complete the payment (both cash and cards are accepted) and receive your boarding ticket. There’s no need to pay in advance, but keep in mind that there’s a cancellation policy.

Of course it’s possible to enjoy only the trip on the cruise, but I recommend you to boost your experience with a meal on board.
If you want to enjoy the view while having your meal, you can reserve a window table for an extra charge.

You can choose among three different cruises: Osaka Bay Cruise, Kobe Airport Cruise and Akashi Strait Cruise.

Osaka Bay Cruise lasts 2 hours and can be enjoyed both at lunchtime (from 12.00 to 14.00) or for tea time (on weekends and holidays from 16.00 to 18.00). After departing from Kobe Meriken Park, the cruise will head towards Kobe Airport to finally reach Osaka Bay before getting back to Meriken Park along Suma coast.
As for the lunch, there are several options available: if you want to keep things simple I recommend the Lunch Course, with the possibility to choose between a meat or fish menu. If you feel like splurging a bit, either the Deluxe Course or the Special Course might be what you’re looking for! If you came to Kobe to try its worldwide known beef, go for the Kobe Beef Course! It’s pricey, but so is Kobe Beef! If you want to try it why not taking two birds with one stone: enjoying the delicious meat while riding a cruise ship! If the weather is fine, why don’t you take some beautiful photos with your partner on the deck? With the amazing view of the blue sea and sky behind you, you’re set for nothing less than a perfect couple shot to remember this special day!

Kobe Airport Cruise is available at tea time on weekdays (from 17.00 to 18.20). Lasting around 1 hour and a half, the route is the shortest one, perfect to enjoy some cake while enjoying the stunning view of the sunset on the sea. Of course, if you’d like to have dinner, all the other meal options are available, except for the Kobe Beef Course.
After your meal you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy some romantic time on the deck. Don’t miss out on this opportunity: can you even think of something more romantic than looking at the sunset while in the arms of your lover?

Akashi Strait Cruise is the longest cruise option and it’s available only at dinner time (from 19.00 to 21.20). The cruise will go all the way to Akashi Kaykyo Bridge, the longest suspended bridge in the world! As you get close to the bridge, head to the deck to enjoy the view: the lightened up bridge will steal your hearts. Take some photos with your partner, but, most importantly, don’t forget to fully enjoy this moment!
As for your dinner, a wide variety of options are available, but the most popular is the Steak Buffet. Yes, you got it right! A buffet where you can eat as many steaks as you want! If your partner is an avid meat eater, but you’re not, don’t worry! The buffet includes several other dishes: salads, vegetarian dishes, fish, soups, side dishes and sweets: you can eat as much as you want! If you’re interested in this option, hurry up because it tends to fill up pretty quickly, especially on weekends and holidays. I’d recommend you reserve your table at least one-two weeks in advance.

Kobe Port by night

Kobe Port by night©Elisa Riva /JapanFor2

Especially if you chose the dinner cruise, as you head back to the port, don’t miss the magnificent night view of Kobe city: this will surely become one of your most treasured memories of your trip to Japan!