We all have reasons to marry the one we love and cherish, and one of the reasons is always the company of one another. Now, be it a romantic outing or know-each-other-better spree, when you find that perfect place to be, your bond tends to grow stronger. This is what Odaiba offers to the couples.

Odaiba, a large artificial island, built in the middle 19th century for defensive purposes, has now grown to become one of the most sought after commercial and leisure hubs with high rise offices, shopping malls, restaurants, amusement activities and much more. A day is not enough to get the most out of this place and thus, it is always wise to plan your day specific to what you want to explore. If you are a couple, who wants to experience technology, culture and fun at the same time, then a day out in Odaiba can offer the best of museums and exhibits to give you a perfect day out with your loved one. To begin with, visit the Decks Tokyo Beach mall and there you will find;

Madame Tussauds

Bump into your favourite celebrities at Madame Tussauds’ Wax Museum and get your pictures clicked standing right next to them or even making fun poses. Madame Tussauds welcomes you with the statue of Leonardo DiCaprio on the red carpet, just stepped out of his car and posing for the flashlights around him. As you progress further into the premises, you will discover, closer to life statues of world leaders, personalities from music industry, sports and the world of dance and culture. Statues of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – Prince William and Catherine Middleton, Shinzo Abe, Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama, along with other world leaders give you enough room to experiment with your power packed poses. Beyoncé, Madonna, Micheal Jackson, Lionel Messi, Maria Sharapova, Usain Bolt, Lady Gaga, Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Benedict Cumberbatch are a few among other modern day celebrities who have their statues along with those of Leonardo Da Vinci and William Shakespeare. If you don’t find this enough intriguing then, there are wigs, boas, karaoke and other cool stuff to enhance your fun pictures.


Close your eyes, enter the Legoland and become a child again. No matter how grown up you both are, this place is going to reignite the childlike curiosity and excitement in you. Relive your childhood with your spouse and see the sparkle of innocence in each other’s eyes at Legoland. Throw yourself into the miniland, a mini Tokyo made of approximately 1.5 million Lego bricks. Why not tour Tokyo in less than 10 minutes to view Tokyo skyscrapers, Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree, Sensoji Temple, Shibuya Crossing, a Sumo ring, Daikanransha Ferris Wheel and much more from the top. After touring these mesmerising and adorable structures, take a Lego factory tour, awaken the little engineer in you and see how Lego bricks come into form. It’s a small tour though, but every minute spent inside will leave you in awe. From toddlers to adults, the Kingdom Quest offers a ride that will take you on a quest to save the queen while you ride on chariots armed with laser guns to shoot down the skeletons and trolls on your way. You can move onto the 4D movie, a 15 minute show running all day long, with the 3D glasses on and getting the rain, snow and wind gushing through your face, you will find yourself inside the Lego world for sure. The other attractions like the Duplo Village and Lego Citybuilder are for the kids, so parents, leave your kids to enhance their skills and relax at the Lego Cafe for a quick break. Merlin’s Apprentice Ride is a fun ride but it requires a lot of strength to stay atop and help Merlin whip up his magic.

Trick of Art Museum

Have you ever seen the optical illusions on social media and wondered how your eyes presume the art as some unbelievable imagery? Well, now there is no more secret behind how these illusions lure your eyes. Visit the Trick of Art Museum and swirl your way around some amazing wall art that makes you lose the sense of reality. The room is full of secret doors and a long pathway with murals on either sides. Pose in front of these paintings as instructed and see yourself in another world. Share your pictures with friends and family and see who can tell you are not really in that painting itself.
While you spend at least two hours at each of these fun-filled arenas, the day seems to go by too fast. Although, if you are still in the mood to implore more, then there are lot more exhibits you can visit:

  • Megaweb Toyota City Showcase
  • Museum of Maritime Science
  • Maths and Science Museum
  • National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

All of these exhibits are going to open new doors for you which will take you through the technological saga behind modern cars, futuristic cars, vintage cars, ships, boats, maths, science and innovation.

For a perfect day to end perfectly, don’t miss the Daikanransha, a 115-meter tall Ferris Wheel. The view of Tokyo and it’s important skyscrapers from the top of the wheel will give you the perfect look of the city.

If you are more adventurous then opt for the transparent wagon for your 16 minute ride. You will feel that the ground literally slips off beneath your feet. Why the Ferris wheel gives you the impression of a museum, because there will be the whole city around you like a giant exhibition showcasing its jewels – Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, Central Tokyo, Haneda Airport, even Mt. Fuji on a clear day. Take a ride after sunset and your eyes will glitter with the beautiful neon lights on the wheel reflecting through them.

Hope you and your partner enjoy the unique experience at Odaiba and capture as many memories as you can!