Japanese lingerie are known for their unfathomable amount of femininity and cuteness. While doing complete justice to what they are known for, they offer a lot to choose from. From the sexiest designs to comfortable work bras, there is one for every occasion. Apparently in Japan bringing a boyfriend in for bra shopping is quite common. In fact, shopping for the intimate stuff with your partner can be a fun and rewarding experience.
If you are overwhelmed by the endless number of lingerie stores in Osaka, here I list some of the best stores to make your next lingerie purchase easier.


Peach John

Peach John©Rhea Thankam Sam /JapanFor2

Peach John is nick named as the Victoria Secrets of Japan. They offer a lot more than just undergarments. You can find a good collection of sexy lingerie, pajamas and cosmetics as well. The store itself is aesthetically pleasing and is filled with a certain aroma that would drive you in. Their collections include cute and comfortable every day wear to sexy and flirty lingerie sets which are often sheer and see through. They are widely known for their eye soothing pastel colored lingerie. While Japanese lingerie is known for their extra paddings, they offer bras with less padding and ruffles without losing the kawaii (cute) factor. Quite reasonably priced, there is no wonder for its popularity among young women. You can find Peach John stores in any shopping malls.

Peach John

Peach John©Rhea Thankam Sam /JapanFor2


Amo's Style

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Amo’s Style is an epithet of the current kawaii trend in Japan. It is owned by the giant brand Triumph. When triumph offers more of a muted and matured designs Amo’s style has more of a girly and youthful designs with beautiful ruches and appliques. They have very cute bra-panty set that comes in a variety of prints and styles. You can find fancy bras with beautiful lacy patters and floral prints. They have a lot cup styles as well. They are quite known for their fashionable designs and details. Prices range widely from 3000 to 7000 yen for larger sizes. You can find Amo’s style in most of the shopping malls.
If you are looking for something that keeps you in touch with your playful feminine inside, then this is definitely the one you have to look out for.

Aimer Feel

If you are never satisfied with the limited choices available in the lingerie stores, Aimer feel is where you should go. They offer a huge selection of lingerie at a very cheap price. Pushups, T-shirt, bralettes, bustiers, corsets, swim wears you name it, they have it. They feature a wide collection of cute bras with fun prints and popping neon colors. You can also get matching panty set for most of the bras. One additional benefit of this brand is the good collection of plus sized lingerie that runs from F to H cup, something you don’t normally find in a regular lingerie shop in Japan. Known for their youthful styles they would definitely stand out in your lingerie collection.


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Ravijour is for the bold and fearless woman, who knows what she wants. Here is where you go when you are feeling a bit naughty or you are going on that long awaited romantic date. It is more of a La Perla type with many barely-there collections. This brand will not fail to amuse your partner either. Ravijour provides feminine and flirtatious collection of lingerie. It offers quite scandalous designs and a variety of lingerie styles like baby doll, teddy etc. It features mostly sheer, lacy and sexy designs which is why it is well received by men. It is priced a bit more on the higher side starting from 6000 yen. If you are aiming to score, look no more.

Tutu Anna

Tutu Anna cannot be missed if you are in for some cuteness overload, bows, ties, frills and all things sweet. Their bras are adorned with ribbons and bows and whatnots and they totally live up to the kawaii culture. They normally run from an A to F cup but you can often find larger sizes as well. Apart from undergarments they feature a huge collection of cute socks with little bows and frills and tights in all colors and styles. They also have a pretty good collection of sleep wears and lingerie which come at a reasonable price. You can find Tutu Anna stores in all shopping districts.

Departmental Stores

Departmental stores are quite accessible and easy to find. You can find one in all towns or in conjunction with any major railway stations. So, if you don’t want to spend time hunting down lingerie stores across the town, head to the nearest departmental stores where you can find these excellent brands.


Wacoal is probably the most popular brand in Japan when it comes to women’s undergarments. Though it is a little bit of splurge, it is probably the comfiest bra that do not compromise on looks. Wacoal has many subsidiaries like Accute, Amphi and many more which features cheaper and playful designs. Wacoal is known for its super soft, light weight and seamless designs that are too pretty to be real. It has the right amount of stretch, plenty of sexy and support. They come in A to H cup sizes and price usually starts around 6000 yen.


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Triumph is one of the most popular lingerie brand in Japan. The international brand is well received both in Japan and overseas. Triumph can be easily found in any departmental store or Triumph store. They are known for their mute and matured designs. With less frills and laces, compared to the other brands, they offer more functional work bras which are super comfortable. The bra panty set starts around 4500 yen which makes it a bit more expensive than Amo’s style. Their comfy and breathable designs make them very popular among women across Japan.


triumph©Rhea Thankam Sam /JapanFor2