Kinshicho district is in Tokyo but far from the expensive areas of Ginza or Roppongi. There, you can taste good authentic Japanese food, other Asian food or even Western food at attractive prices in everyday restaurants.


First example: the small restaurant Yorozuya serves okonomiyaki pancakes for 525 yen, yakitori grilled chicken sticks from 50 yen, vegetables grilled on a hot plate for 315 yen, entrails stew for 180 yen, a salad for 399 yen, natto fermented soybeans for 105 yen, vanilla ice cream for 315 yen… There is also a large choice of alcoholic drinks, with a beer at 480 yen, shochu Japanese spirit from 294 yen, and ume-shu Japanese plum brandy at 380 yen. The food portions are not very big but you can have a full meal at a very reasonable price, you can taste many dishes, and you can share new tastes with your partner! South of Kinshicho station, Yorozuya restaurant is open 24 hours almost every day of the year. There are not many tables but a couple may easily get seats without waiting too much. However, you cannot ask for non-smoking seats so check the customers around when you arrive at the restaurants if you cannot stand smoke.

Asakusa Yataro Kinshicho-ten

Second example: the restaurant Asakusa Yataro Kinshicho-ten notably proposes skewers of liver, tongue, cartilage, garlic, mushrooms, or onions for 100 yen. You can get a stew for 380 yen, soba noodles for 480 yen, or a curry rice for 480 yen. A beer costs 390 yen and Japanese plum brandy 380 yen. The tables are simple and customers sit on stools. Blue, white and red lanterns are suspended. South of Kinshicho station, Asakusa Yataro Kinshicho-ten is closed on Tuesdays. The ambiance is traditional, simple.

Sabaichai Thai

Third example: Sabaichai Thai restaurant proposes a plate of grilled chicken for 680 yen, fried shrimps with garlic for 680 yen and soft-shell crab stir-fried in black pepper for 680 yen. The dishes are quite big so each order can easily be shared with your boyfriend/husband or girlfriend/wife. A Japanese beer costs only 380 yen, a Thai beer would cost 530 yen. The shop is very small so you should avoid coming with big bags (put them at your hotel before eating). If you like Asian food but want a break from Japanese food, wouldn’t that restaurant feel good? Note that Japanese customers may appreciate the prices so much that they would gather to make a big party there. That would be very lively 🙂 North of Kinshicho station, Sabaichai Thai is open every day.

Pizzeria Bar LoRo Kinshicho

Fourth example: Pizzeria Bar LoRo Kinshicho restaurant proposes pizza for 580 yen (e.g. Margherita, 4 cheese, ham), a salad for 580 yen, and apple pie with ice cream for 500 yen. This restaurant is colourful, and you can get special messages on desserts if you celebrate a birthday anniversary 🙂 South of Kinshicho station, Pizzeria Bar LoRo Kinshicho closes on irregular days. No need to worry: there are many other cheap restaurants around if this restaurant is closed when you go there.

Kinshicho at night

Kinshicho at night©Sébastien Duval /JapanFor2