Thermae-yu is a hot spring facility in Tokyo Kabukicho, reputed to be the biggest entertainment district in East Asia! You can enjoy this premium spa in many ways: as a simple hot spring, as a place to organize your night…

Great facilities

Thermae-yu is one of the largest spas in Tokyo metropolis. The natural hot spring water is coming every day from really far: Jindai-no-yu in Shizuoka prefecture, which is 150 kilometres away! So you have to wonder: is water from Jindai-no-yu that special? It is recommended to treat many ailments: nerve pain, muscular pain, joint pain, sensitivity to cold, stomach ache, stiff shoulders, predisposition toward allergies, high blood pressure… Yes, these are definitely good reasons to try Thermae-yu 🙂

Men and women have access to gender-segregated baths indoors and outdoors. You can also enjoy a sauna, a luxury lounge, a relaxation salon to get body treatments, a hot stone bath bringing you the benefits of natural minerals, and women even have access to an aroma sauna! If you get hungry, you can savour Japanese cuisine or ethnic cuisine at one of the two restaurants. If you get thirsty when you are in a bath, get out of the water and head for the drink bar 🙂 Taking photos inside Thermae-yu is forbidden but you will enjoy the decorations on the walls of the hot spring rooms: cherry blossoms with Mount Fuji in the background, fireworks, etc.

Services at Thermae-yu

Services at Thermae-yu©Sébastien Duval /JapanFor2

Personally, I am a big fan of hot springs, especially the so-called “rotemburo” outdoor hot springs! Warming one’s body and breathing fresh air is relaxing, especially if beautiful landscapes or stars are visible. I was very pleasantly surprised when I learnt that Thermae-yu includes outdoor baths! Exactly what I love 🙂 I strongly recommend you to try Japanese hot springs and think that Thermae-yu is a very convenient place to start! Enjoy it!

Note that you do not need to bring a towel, and that lockers are available on site.


Thermae-yu©Sébastien Duval /JapanFor2

Night uses

Thermae-yu is open all night long so you can arrive late after enjoy the restaurants, bars, shows, and game centers of nearby Kabukicho… spend time on site then go back to your hotel very late. In that case, you might want to stay at a nearby hotel so you do not have to ride a taxi or the last train/subway of the day. There are many couple’s hotels nearby so you can easily do that.

Similarly, you can stay as long as you want so it is a good place to spend a cheap night. Isn’t the entrance price of Thermae-yu much lower than the price of a hotel room in Japan? Note though that the entrance fee rises during the night (4200 yen instead of 2364 yen on weekdays, 324 additional yen on weekends).

Food at Thermae-yu

Food at Thermae-yu©Sébastien Duval /JapanFor2


Thermae-yu is northeast of Shinjuku station, in the Golden Gai district. You can reach it by taking the green sinuous path starting on Yasukuni main street just west of the Golden Gai; go to the end and just turn right to reach the building!

Thermae-yu is open from 11:00 to 09:00. You must exit an indoor bath before 8:30 and an outdoor bath before 08:00.

For cultural and historical reasons, access is forbidden to people with tattoos or body art (associated to criminality in Japan).

Street beside the entrance of Thermae-yu

Street beside the entrance of Thermae-yu©Sébastien Duval /JapanFor2