While preparing your stay in Tokyo, you surely have the images of illuminated skyscrapers, crazy themed restaurants, luxurious department stores, giant godzilla, tiny traditional inns and many more. All that is in Shinjuku! No wonder the station is considered as the busiest of the world! Shinjuku by night is really a must for a complete Tokyo experience. Be ready for a fun and memorable date 🙂

As soon as dusk falls, Shinjuku becomes dazzling. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observation Decks is the perfect place to admire the light-up of the skyline in the arms of your love. The view of the of lively neon-lit streets and skyscrapers is both impressive and free.

Tocho Observatory

Tocho Observatory©Christine Y. /JapanFor2

One of the main features of Shinjuku is its shopping facilities. That you want to buy original souvenirs, clothing or electrical appliances, or simply want to do some window-shopping hand in hand with your partner, you’ll have the best choice of the capital in one place, and without hurrying as Shinjuku shops are usually open until 10pm, if not all night! This shopping district includes luxurious department stores such as Isetan or Takashimaya Times Square, as well as more popular megastores such as the “one-stop shop” Tokyu Hands, BICQLO, fruit of the original union of the electronic chain BIC Camera and clothing brand Uniqlo, or Don Qijote whose range of products is just too wide to be listed, that are surrounding the station, with smaller shopping streets crisscrossing the area.

The most famous nightlife area is undoubtedly Kabuki-cho, with the giant Godzilla’s head as unmissable landmark. Usually known as the red light district of Tokyo with many adult shops, it’s also a fun place for an exciting couple evening. Attractions like Tokyo Mysterious Circus or VR Shinjuku are unique experiences, proving once again that Tokyo is at the forefront in terms of technology and originality. As for food, cuisine from all around the world is available, and when you spend a night in Shinjuku you surely don’t want something “normal”. So let’s try one of the weirdest themed bars or restaurants, such as the Robot Cafe, a dinner show featuring robots, dancers and special effects, the Sengoku Buyuden that will bring you back to the samurai period, or Alice in Fantasy Book that recreates the magic of Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece. Great settings for memorable souvenir pictures of you and your sweetie!


Godzilla©Christine Y. /JapanFor2

In the heart of the city, but hidden from the busy roads and neon, Shinjuku Golden Gai is a preserved postwar district that contrasts with the modern surroundings. The Shiki-no-michi promenade, a green pathway, will lead you and your partner to a network of narrow alleys and dark passageways, where tiny taverns are lining up in a yesteryear atmosphere. Most of the bars can only accommodate a few guests at a time, allowing you to sit very close to your loved one.

Golden Gai

Golden Gai©Christine Y. /JapanFor2

Omoide Yokocho (literally “Memory Lane”) has a similar old-fashioned charm with midget restaurants, mainly serving yakitori (grilled chicken) or other popular Japanese dishes.

For gay couples, Shinjuku Ni-Chome concentrates hundreds of LGBTQ clubs and bars.

In addition to these districts, original bars and restaurants are scattered across Shinjuku. You can fish your own dinner and eat in a boat at Zauo, Christon Cafe is a church-themed restaurant, while Kyoumachi Koi Shigure is a romantic travel to the old capital of Kyoto.