Tokyo is a multifaceted city, so that couples can find the perfect tryst fitting the mood and desires of both partners. Happy to share below my best date plans from a girl’s perspective!


“Kawaii”, meaning “cute”, is probably one of the word most used by Japanese girls. Anything a bit fluffy or with a roundy shape will be designated as kawaii. “Neko Kissa” (= cat cafes) are the ultimate kawaii place.
As a cat lover, I wanted to spend my first Valentine’s Day in Japan in a Cat Cafe. The purring kittens and cocooning atmosphere immediately switched on the kiss and cuddle mood. Let your fingers softly touch the one of your partner when caressing the cats. And once back at your hotel, be the little kitty in the arms of your love.
Shinagawa Aquarium and Ueno Zoological Gardens are also popular among animal lovers.

Neko Kissa

Neko Kissa©Christine Y. /JapanFor2

Crazy & Fun

Closer (and cheaper) than Disneyland, Tokyo Dome City is an entertainment complex in the heart of Tokyo (Bunkyo-Ku ward). Share excitement, amazement and laughters with your partner in the amusement park: scream in the Thunder Dolphin roller coaster, enjoy the view entwined in your boyfriend’s arms from the top of the Big O Ferris wheel, get wet in the Wonder Drop water splash. You can also take a soothing break in the relaxing facilities of “Spa LaQua” that features natural hot springs water. Restaurants and shops are all around. And as the name suggests the giant sport, music and cultural event venue “Tokyo Dome” is an integral part of the complex.

Tokyo Dome City

Tokyo Dome City©Christine Y. /JapanFor2


While many parks allow a romantic jaunt hand in hand with your love, Ueno Park has the particularity to gather on its wide ground a zoo, museums, temples, statues, etc. as well as a large pond called “Shinobazu” where various species of lotus are blooming in the summer. Rent a pedal-powered swan or traditional row boat and float away from the crowd for a romantic boat trip on the tranquil waters. The scenery is unique during cherry blossom season.

Shinobazu Pond, Ueno Park, during Cherry Blossom

Shinobazu Pond, Ueno Park, during Cherry Blossom©Christine Y. /JapanFor2


Fashionistas of all sorts will have a dedicated district in Tokyo: chic and luxurious brands’ addicts will favor Ginza, while those who prefer unique creations will line up in front of the creators’ boutiques hidden in the side streets of Omotesando ; cosplayers will cherish Harajuku’s Takeshita Street as a wonderland, and trend setters will stroll excitedly in Shibuya’s Cat Street.

For a date, Jiyugaoka in southern Meguro is the perfect combination between (window-)shopping and delightful stroll. Its European architecture, most notably a hidden little Venice with a canal and gondola, sparks a charming atmosphere. Besides sophisticated clothing boutiques and concept stores, original home interior shops offer a nice opportunity to start talking about a home sweet home with your partner. Also very pleasant, the numerous bakeries and cafes serving delicious pastries that allow a sweet coffee break in tete-a-tete.


Jiyugaoka©Christine Y. /JapanFor2

By Night

The lights of Tokyo by Night instillate a magnificent date scenery and photo setting. For a stunning view of the city and its neon-lit streets and buildings, I would recommend Tokyo City View on top of the Mori Tower, a 54-story skyscraper in the heart of the bustling Roppongi Hills. For a more romantic evening, relish an enchanting ramble hand in hand and feet in the sand along the beach of Odaiba Seaside Park, with a breathtaking view on Tokyo Bay and the illuminated Rainbow Bridge.

Mori Tower City View

Mori Tower City View©Christine Y. /JapanFor2

Raibow Bridge from Odaiba during Marine Day

Raibow Bridge from Odaiba during Marine Day©Christine Y. /JapanFor2