MariCAR is a kart rental service that gives you the opportunity to drive around the most famous districts of Tokyo. Forget about traditional tours, this is a wild way for sightseeing in a very unique way. The best part? You can dress up in costume like a real-life video game character.


You may want to get the entire experience on video with your action camera, you can! If you don’t have an action camera with you, MariCAR lets you rent one (4k quality). If you need a microSD card too, you can still buy one from them.

Another great option that they offer on their go-karts is the bluetooth speaker. All them go-karts are fully customized with bluetooth speakers so you can put your favorite songs directly from your phone and enjoy your personal driving experience.


You don’t need a special driving license to participate in these races. You must have a valid Japanese Licence, International drivers permit or a SOFA license. More info here.

Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya Crossing


MariCAR offers different routes around Tokyo, but the Shibuya tour lets you drive through the busiest and most famous crossing scramble in the world.

You are going to drive through the streets of Tokyo, together with taxis, cars and trucks, so it’s very important to listen to the guide that will give you guidelines to drive safely before you start the tour.

In this route, you will drive around Shibuya area. First, you will say “hi” to Hachiko in front of Shibuya Station, while you’re driving through the most busiest crossing scramble of the world, or while you’re waiting for the traffic light to turn green and all the hundreds of pedestrians to cross the street. Then, you move to Harajuku, the Tokyo’s center of youth culture, where you will drive near the Takeshita-dori, one of the busiest and brightest shopping streets for young people. Lastly, you will drive through the lights of Omotesando, another very famous shopping street of Tokyo.


The price for the Shibuya route is 8000 yen, but you can get a discount of 1000 yen if you share the MariCAR experience on your social networks or blog.

Don’t forget that this tour is very popular, so you might need to book in advance for getting a spot. If you’re planning to do the tour on weekdays you may have more chances to find a free spot.

After making the reservation through their website, all you need to do is to go to the shop 10 minute prior to your reservation, present them your reservation and your valid driver license and ID, pay the cashier, put your belongings in the locker, choose and wear a costume and go!

The MariCAR service is not comparable to traditional tours and for its cost, it offers a very unique experience on the streets of Tokyo. Imagine being with your partner, dressed as superheroes, with your favorite playlist, with tourists that take photos of you, driving a go-kart through the lights and colors of Shibuya; fun is guaranteed!