When it comes to Tokyo, everyone is probably already very familiar with it. Places such as Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ginza, Asakusa, Ueno, Disneyland (which is actually in Chiba) and so on. . . I realize that you probably know so many places that maybe you even know more places than I do. During the holidays, I usually like to stay at home. I am usually quite anxious in crowds. I already have to travel on crowded trams and subways every day for work. So I prefer to binge television series at home on my days off. Okay, let’s get back to the main topic. Actually, today I would like to introduce a place that isn’t very new, namely, Musashi-Koyama. This place may not have a lot of novelty to many of you. At least there aren’t that many foreign tourists here. It is a place that is more oriented towards Japanese locals who like to come here for shopping.

In addition to having the longest shopping street, this place also has the Etomo Mall. Inside, there are MUJI, Uniqlo and other well-known brand shops. Palm Street consists of 1, 2, 3 and 4 blocks. There are 250 shops that include restaurants, coffee houses, clothing stores, jewelry stores, supermarkets, drugstores, bookstores, stationery stores, and pet stores…
Of course, there are also local traditional shops such as this chicken skewer restaurant. The bunches of Yakitori chicken skewers are all self-served. The chicken meat skewers are lined up on a long rack along with skewers of other ingredients. Customers can freely select what they want to eat, dip the skewers in sauce and eat away. After they have finished eating, they can present their empty skewers to a clerk who will help them calculate their tab. Because of its delicious taste, this chicken skewer was featured in a TV interview on a Japanese food show a short time ago. Delicious food really doesn’t need an expensive setting or high-end ingredients to conquer everyone’s stomach.

When you visit this place, I recommend that you first come here to eat. Once you have finished eating and drinking, you should have enough energy to begin shopping. Start by buying a variety of souvenirs or gifts for friends and family. I would like to recommend a few other appealing shops. There is a bag maker here who offer great price from time to time. A variety of bags coming directly from Japan’s bag manufacturing factories are priced from 2,000 yen. A few selections of bags are even made with genuine leather material. I immediately purchased one.

Again, there are shops that offer even cheaper products than your average chain pharmacies. The price of the products on sale are every bit as competitive as the price offered by wholesalers. It is really a blessing to the hearts of budget-conscious shoppers like us. Of course, on top of these shops, this shopping street also has a 100 yen store and a 300 yen store where you can shop and shop and shop until your shopping urge is completely satisfied.
Another thing worth sharing is that, apart from shopping, this place also offers a secret hot spring bath. Is it possible that you can enjoy onsen in Tokyo? Also, it isn’t located far from the major sightseeing spots. And the traffic is convenient and it is close to the station. This is indeed wonderful news. As someone who loves soaking in hot springs, I have finally found a new paradise.

When you mention the Musashi-Koyama Onsen, the local people immediately think of this place. This rare historical onsen bath house has been established for 25 years. It is called “Shimizu-yu” of Musashi-Koyama Onsen. As its name suggests, the closest station “Musashi-Koyama” is only 5 minutes from here. It has 2 outdoor open-air hot spring pools: one is a natural black pool, the other is a golden pool. Of course, both consists of natural hot spring water.

In addition, there is an electric bath, a jet bath and a sauna room (additional fee applies). For beauty-seeking women, there is also another blessing: beauty seekers can enjoy the ‘Ganbanyoku’ hot-stonebath at the same time (additional fee applies). In general, the hot-stonebath for 20~30 minutes in a common Tokyo’s spa cost a minimum fee of 3,000 yen or more. But this place only charges 1,350, which includes hot-stonebath fee and the onsen bath fee (460 yen). It is definitely worth trying as you only have to pay 890 yen for 30 minutes of a hot-stonebath. It is truly cost-effective.

By the way, there is another very enjoyable outdoor shopping street not far from this Pal shopping street. The 1.3km-long Togoshi Ginza shopping street has more than 400 shops. To tourists, it more resembles a shopping street where Japanese locals come to dine and shop. If you want to experience how Japanese people spend their holidays and what they like to do for shopping, you can just take a look around here.

Before I finish, I would like to recommend a souvenir shop: the black pepper rice crackers. Japanese locals come here especially to buy this black pepper rice crackers, there is 2 flavor which is spicy and mild. I have bought a spicy flavor to try. It is slightly spicy from its black peppers flavoring, my family also love it. The unique spicy sensation of the black pepper gives you a stimulating palatal pleasure that makes it hard for you to stop eating.

At this point, I believe that I don’t need to say much more. You already know where you are going the next time you visit Tokyo. Isn’t it?
There are many places other than Shibuya, Shinjuku or Ginza actually…

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