Convert Your Amazon US Gift Card To Japanese Yen Like A Pro

Enjoy Your Yen: How to Use Your Amazon US Gift Card in Japan

Amazon gift cards are a convenient way to shop online, but what if you’re traveling to Japan and want to use your US gift card there? Not a problem! Here’s how you can easily convert your US gift card balance to Japanese yen and spend it like a local.

How to Convert Your US Gift Card to Japanese Yen

  • Head to the Amazon Japan website: The first step is to visit the Japanese Amazon website at
  • Create an account: If you don’t already have an Amazon Japan account, you’ll need to create one. It’s a quick and easy process.
  • Link your US gift card: Once you have an account, go to “Your Account” and then to “Gift Cards and Amazon Cash.” Click on “Redeem a Gift Card” and enter your US gift card code.
  • Confirm the conversion: Your US gift card balance will be automatically converted to Japanese yen at the current exchange rate.

Where to Spend Your Japanese Yen Gift Card

Now that you have a Japanese Amazon gift card, you can spend it on anything you want! Here are some ideas:

  • Shop online: Amazon Japan has a vast selection of products, from electronics to clothing to home goods.
  • Buy in-store: You can also use your gift card at select convenience stores and retail stores in Japan.


  • Can I use my US Amazon gift card directly in Japan? No, you cannot use a US gift card directly in Japan. You must first convert it to Japanese yen using the method described above.
  • Where can I find the exchange rate? The exchange rate is displayed when you link your US gift card to your Amazon Japan account.
  • Can I convert my Japanese gift card back to US dollars? No, once you convert your gift card to Japanese yen, it cannot be converted back to US dollars.


Using your Amazon US gift card in Japan is a breeze! By following these simple steps, you can easily convert your balance to Japanese yen and start shopping like a local. So next time you’re planning a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun, don’t forget to bring your Amazon gift card with you!

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