Bridal Gift From The Deep: The Timeless Symbol Of Japanese Love

Bridal Gift in Japan: A Timeless Tradition

Euplectella, or the “Venus flower basket,” symbolizes marital bliss and eternal love in Japanese culture. This delicate and intricate organism, found in the deep waters off Japan, is a popular bridal gift, a cherished heirloom passed down through generations.

A Symbol of Togetherness and Resilience:

The Euplectella’s unique structure—a lace-like glass basket resembling a bridal veil—evokes the fragility and strength of a marriage. Its long stem, adorned with intricate spines, represents the challenges a couple may face but ultimately overcome together.

A Touch of Nature’s Elegance:

The Euplectella brings a touch of nature’s splendor into the home. Its delicate beauty and ethereal glow create a serene and romantic ambiance, reminding the couple of their special connection.


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The Euplectella, with its timeless elegance and profound symbolism, embodies the essence of a Japanese bridal gift. It celebrates the love, unity, and resilience of a couple embarking on their journey together. As a cherished heirloom, it will forever serve as a reminder of their special bond.

bridal gift in japan euplectella

bridal gift in japan euplectella

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