10 Unforgettable Gifts For Travelers Venturing To Japan

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Someone Travelling to Japan

Whether you’re looking for a thoughtful present for a friend or family member embarking on an adventure to the Land of the Rising Sun, or simply want to brush up on your own travel must-haves, this guide has got you covered. From practical essentials to unique souvenirs, here are some ideas that will make their trip even more memorable.

Practical Essentials

  • Travel adapter: A must-have for any international traveler, this handy device ensures your electronics stay powered up.
  • Pocket Wi-Fi router: Staying connected while abroad is crucial. Rent a portable Wi-Fi router for convenient internet access on the go.
  • Language translation app: Break down language barriers with a reliable translation app that can assist with communication and navigation.

Cultural Delights

  • Traditional kimono: A beautiful and iconic garment, a kimono makes a special gift for anyone interested in Japanese culture.
  • Tea ceremony set: Introduce your loved one to the ancient tradition of tea ceremonies with a complete set, including a tea whisk, tea bowl, and matcha powder.
  • Origami paper: The art of paper folding is a beloved Japanese pastime. Gift them a set of origami paper for creative expression and cultural immersion.

Souvenirs with a Twist

  • Japanese snacks and sweets: Delight their taste buds with an assortment of unique Japanese snacks, such as Kit Kats with green tea flavor or Pocky sticks.
  • Anime and manga merchandise: For fans of Japanese animation and comics, consider gifting them a collectible figure or limited-edition manga volume.
  • Lucky cat charm: Also known as “maneki-neko,” these adorable cat figurines are believed to bring good fortune and prosperity.


  • Q: What should I avoid bringing as a gift? A: Avoid giving sharp objects, religious items, or anything that may be considered offensive in Japanese culture.
  • Q: How much should I budget for a travel gift? A: It depends on the type of gift you choose. Essentials like travel adapters can be found for around $20, while more elaborate souvenirs may cost upwards of $100.


With these thoughtful gift ideas, you can help make your loved one’s trip to Japan an unforgettable experience. Whether they’re seeking practical assistance or a taste of Japanese culture, there’s something here to suit every traveler’s needs. So, pack your bags and get ready for an adventure filled with wonderful memories and cherished gifts.

gifts for someone travelling to japan

gifts for someone travelling to japan

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