10 Thoughtful Gifts To Bring To Japan (that They’ll Love)

Don’t show up empty-handed in Japan!

Oh, you’re going to Japan? Lucky you! You’re going to have an amazing time. Don’t worry about what to pack, we’ve got you covered. Or rather, we’ve got your hosts covered. It’s considered rude in Japan to show up empty-handed, so make sure to bring a little something for your hosts. But what? Well, here are a few gifts to bring to Japan from www.japan-guide.com and www.japan-guide.com uk.

  • Sweets. The Japanese have a sweet tooth, so a box of chocolates or other sweets is always a welcome gift.
  • Alcohol. If you know your hosts drink, a bottle of wine or sake would be a nice gesture.
  • Tea. Tea is a popular beverage in Japan, so a nice tin of tea would be a thoughtful gift.
  • A gift card. If you’re not sure what to get, a gift card to a local department store or restaurant would be a good option.
  • Something from your home country. A small gift that represents your home country would be a unique and personal gift.

No matter what you choose, make sure it’s something that you think your hosts will appreciate. And don’t forget to wrap it nicely!


  • What should I avoid bringing as a gift to Japan?

    Avoid bringing anything too personal, such as clothing or jewelry. Also, avoid bringing anything that is considered offensive or taboo in Japan, such as sharp objects or anything with a political or religious message.

How much should I spend on a gift?

The amount you spend on a gift will depend on your relationship with the person you are giving it to. For a close friend or family member, you may want to spend more than you would for a casual acquaintance. However, even a small gift is appreciated in Japan.

  • Where can I buy gifts in Japan?

    You can buy gifts in Japan at a variety of places, including department stores, convenience stores, and specialty shops. You can also find many unique and interesting gifts at local markets.


Bringing a gift to your hosts in Japan is a thoughtful and respectful gesture. By following these tips, you can choose the perfect gift that they will appreciate.

gifts to bring to japan site www.japan-guide.com/

gifts to bring to japan site www.japan-guide.com/

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