10 Thoughtful Gifts To Bring To Japan From The US

Gifts to take to Japan from the US: The perfect souvenirs and presents

Are you planning a trip to Japan and wondering what gifts to bring to your hosts or friends? Here’s a list of ideas to help you make a great impression.

Traditional Gifts

  • Wagashi: Traditional Japanese sweets made from rice flour, sugar, and beans.
  • Ukiyo-e prints: Woodblock prints depicting scenes from Japanese life and history.
  • Origami paper: Colorful paper used to fold into intricate shapes.

Modern Gifts

  • Electronics: Japan is known for its high-tech gadgets, such as cameras, laptops, and smartphones.
  • Cosmetics: Japanese skincare and makeup products are highly sought after for their quality and innovation.
  • Fashion accessories: Japan has a unique fashion scene, so consider bringing a stylish scarf, hat, or jewelry.

Food and Drinks

  • Sake: Japanese rice wine is a popular gift, especially if you choose a premium brand.
  • Green tea: Japan is famous for its green tea, which comes in a variety of flavors and grades.
  • Snacks: Bring a selection of Japanese snacks, such as mochi, senbei, or dried fruit.

Tips for Choosing Gifts

  • Consider the recipient’s interests and preferences.
  • Choose gifts that are authentically Japanese.
  • Avoid bringing gifts that are too personal or expensive.
  • Wrap your gifts carefully and elegantly.


  • What are the most popular gifts to bring to Japan from the US?
    • Electronics, cosmetics, and fashion accessories.
  • What should I avoid bringing to Japan as a gift?
    • Items that are offensive or controversial.
  • How much should I spend on a gift?
    • The amount you spend should be appropriate for your relationship with the recipient.


Bringing a thoughtful gift to Japan is a great way to show your appreciation and respect for the culture. By following these tips, you can choose a gift that will be treasured and remembered.

gifts to bring to japan from us

gifts to bring to japan from us

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